Una Defensa Cómica

Mexico City’s noble mayor is valiantly fighting the “Dark Forces of Evil”, who are determined to prevent him from providing opportunities for the poor… This, at least, is the version of events as told in cartoon strips dreamt up by the office of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico City’s mayor.

Mr López Obrador is attacking his political opponents by lampooning them in free comics, some 2.2m … In “Tales of the City”, now in its third instalment, the Dark Forces… go around hiring mafia figures to destroy Mr López Obrador’s reputation.

Unfortunately, as a comic strip it has the fundamental failing of being neither funny nor compelling. In toe-curling dialogue, city dwellers beatify the mayor: one mother even reassures her daughter that plots against Mr López Obrador will simply assure him of a place in Heaven. … only 17% confessing to having read the strip and nearly six in ten objecting to public money being spent on it.

Nota del Editor

La emigración al nuevo sistema, en septiembre de 2010, tuvo muchas ventajas, pero algunos problemas, como el haber perdido la fuente original de esta cita. Lo sentimos.

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